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‘SINAG’ Gigantic lanterns to bring color and radiance at the CCP Complex

A more than 20-feet tall ‘parol’ will soon light-up the front lawn of the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) along Pasay City in time for the Christmas season.

The CCP renewed its partnership with the lantern makers of San Fernando, Pampanga for the Sinag: Festival of Lights that will run from September 19, 2019 to January 5, 2020.

One of the highlights during the four-month long festival of lights is the 22.5 feet tall and 48 feet wide lantern structure designed by renowned multimedia artist Abdulmari ‘Toym’ Imao Jr., a recipient of Cinemalaya Best Production Design award and Gawad Buhay Award for Set Design.

Imao explained that he designed the giant lantern to look like a sundial to represent the idea of time and to highlight the milestones of CCP that currently celebrates its golden year anniversary.

Time as a metaphor for all these changes, all these innovations, all these performances that were ‘na-ipon’ in that 50 years,” Imao told reporters on Tuesday, August 13.

Scale models of the sundial lantern structure

The CCP plans to place bicycle like interactive modules around the ‘sundial’ that the public can use to power the lantern structure. CCP Vice President and Artistic Dir. Chris Millado shared that people can control the pattern of lights on the parol using the speed and the rhythm of their pedaling.

It is not just for interactivity, it is the idea of  audiences, the people, powering art or powering radiance, or powering the truth, the good, and the beautiful,” Millado explained.

Award-winning multimedia artist Abdulmari ‘Toym’ Imao Jr. and CCP Vice President and Artistic Dir. Chris Millado checks the progress of the lanterns

Aside from the lantern structure that will be placed in the CCP front lawn, Imao also designed the parols that will color the facade of the CCP Main Building during the festival of lights.

For the facade, Imao revealed that he designed the lanterns to look like clouds but, during nighttime, they will spell out the three transcendentals: kagandahan (beauty), kabutihan (goodness), and katotohanan (truth), in Latin letters and in Baybayin script.

“Nag-iiba siya, nag-momorph siya parang clouds. It’s constantly moving and you continuously see patterns unfolding before you. That was the idea of having that entire facade na meron parang cloud formations that spell out the transcendentals,” Imao said.

Parols will also be placed on lamp-post in streets at the CCP Complex.

A craftsman of Quiman Trading shows a completed lantern that will be placed at lamp posts all over the CCP Complex

During the first week of Sinag, Millado said that a daily 30-minute performance, except Monday, will be staged next to the sundial lantern structure every hour from 6:00PM until 10:00PM.

He said 200 street dancers coming from various festivals all over the Philippines, including the Sinulog Festival in Cebu City, Dinagyang Festival in Iloilo City, and MassKara Festival in Bacolod, will participate in the live performances

Light shows will also run everyday, except Mondays, from 6:00PM until 10:00PM all throughout the four-month long festival.

Kapampangan lantern making company Quiman Trading has been working on the parols since May. The proprietor Arvin Quiwa said that they will start installing all the lanterns, estimated to be worth a total of Php 2.7 million, at least 10 days before the start of the festival.

A craftsman works on a lantern for the CCP Main Building facade next to a scale model

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