Senatorial aspirant encourages everyone to fight ‘Climate Change’

(Screen grabbed from internet)
(Screen grabbed from internet)

Liberal party senatorial candidate and former Department of Energy Secretary Carlos Jericho Petilla asked private sectors to help in promoting clean and renewable energy at home, at work and in all establishments.

In an interview over DZRH, Petilla emphasized the need to promote and invest in the renewable energy in order to reduce the effects of climate change.

Petilla added that climate change is not only the responsibility of private businesses or government sectors but of each citizen in this country.

The installation of solar panels in the rooftops of homes and parking lots in all areas where a solar facility is feasible and is highly encouraged for a low carbon future and the reduction of greenhouse emission of coal fired power plants.

“There was hardly any interest on renewable energy in the country until I came in and put in place policies to promote and guarantee building of renewable energy projects,” Petilla stressed.

During his time at the DOE, it was noted that investments in renewable energy specifically in wind and solar technologies have increased.

The former energy secretary was named as ‘Father of Renewable Energy’ for he aggressively promoted the energy industry during the Asia Pacific Economic (APEC) leaders’ summit last week.

It has been known that US President Barack Obama has campaigned to focus on fighting climate change.

Obama appealed to the delegates to start investing in clean and renewable energy even as they committed to a “low carbon future”. (DZRH Florante Rosales)

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