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Sen. Villar blames NFA for sudden increase in rice prices

Photo by Erick Mendoza

Sen. Cynthia Villar blames the National Food Authority for the sudden increase in the price of rice in the Philippine market.

According to Villar, chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, the NFA should not have publicized the deficiency of their 15-day buffer stock.

The senator believes that the statement of NFA created a tension in the market and caused consumers to panic due to fear of a possible rice shortage.

Villar further added that reports of a rice shortage caused the price hike in commercial rice.

The lawmaker told the NFA that they shouldn’t have revealed their failures to the public and acted discretely to replenish their buffer stock.

Meanwhile, Villar promised to scold NFA officials in the Senate hearing scheduled on February 27 , wherein the Committee on Agriculture will probe the alleged failure of the NFA to maintain a buffer stock and ensure the stability of rice prices.

The Senate Committee has invited officials of the NFA, Department of Agriculture, Department of Budget and Management, and the Department of Finance for the said hearing

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