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Sen. Trillanes insists: Senate doctor should check Faeldon’s health

Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV (FILE PHOTO)
Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV (FILE PHOTO)

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV insists that the Senate doctor should validate the health condition of Bureau of Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon.

Sen. Trillanes doubts that Comm. Faeldon is really ill and believes that he is acting in order to be confined in the Intensive Care Unit of the Manila East Medical Center in Taytay, Rizal.

Sen. Trillanes hopes that Comm. Faeldon will attend the next hearing of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee this August 15 since he has many questions for BOC head.

Due to this, Sen. Trillanes wishes that Comm. Faeldon will start feeling well so that he will have no reason to be absent in the upcoming hearing.

Sen. Trillanes further added that he believes his fellow ‘Magdalos’ Gerardo Gambala and Milo Maestrecampo have no involvement in the controversy faced by the BOC.

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