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Hontiveros: Duterte’s ‘dictator’ admission to hasten ICC’s probe vs him

Sen. Risa Hontiveros (Photo Credits:

Sen. Risa Hontiveros believes that the investigation of the International Criminal Court has became less complicated following the admittance of President Rodrigo Duterte that he is a dictator.

According to Hontiveros, the ICC serves to prosecute individuals who are found guilty of committing crimes against humanity, and most of them were dictators.

Hontiveros added that with the admittance of Duterte, he did it voluntarily, without being coerced or pressured.

“Yung ICC ay nilikha precisely para i-prosecute yung mga naka-gawa ng Crimes of Humanity na marami sa mga iyon ay mga diktador.” Hontiveros said during DZRH’s One On One.

Hontiveros further added that the ICC can just refer on the recent statement of Duterte and the ‘documented un-democratic practices’ to prove the President’s disregard of human rights and democracy.

“Pwede na silang mag-refer sa kanilang public na pag-amin kasama na sa ibang mga dokumentado nilang undemocratic practices bilang isa itong patunay sa hindi nila pagbibigay ng pag-tingin sa demokrasya at sa karapatang pantao.” Hontiveros insisted.

The known critic of the President also said that Malacanang should respect and recognize the process of the ICC since the Philippines is a state party of the Rome Satute.

Hontiveros insisted that the Philippines is obligated to have its policies and leaders scrutinized due to being a member of a global community that respects democracy, human rights, and dignity.

“Dapat sana ay kilalanin talaga ang mga proseso ng ICC at mag-laan ng karampatan respeto.” Hontiveros believes. “Tayo bilang Pilipinas ay bahagi ng isang global community na pinag-bubuklod ng common o shared na pag-respeto sa demokrasya, sa karapatan pantao, sa dignidad.”

On February 8, Malacanang announce that they have received a notice from the ICC that the international court will be doing a preliminary examination of the numerous deaths connected to the Duterte Administration’s anti-illegal drugs campaign.

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