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Sen. Gordon wants immediate deportation of Chinese national who threw taho at a police

National Capital Region Police Office Chief PDir. Guillermo Eleazar speaking Jiale Zhang (Photo from the National Capital Region Police Office – Public Information Office)

Sen. Richard Gordon, chairman of the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights, appealed for the Bureau of Immigration (BI) to immediately start the deportation proceedings against Jiale Zhang.

Authorities on Saturday, Feb. 9, apprehended Jiale, a Chinese national, who threw a cup of soybean curd drink, locally known as taho, to a police officer providing security at the Metro Rail Transit Line-3 (MRT-3) station in Boni Ave., Mandaluyong.

Jiale was prevented from entering the platform of the MRT-3 station due to her drink. She then intenionally splashed the cup of taho to PO1 William Cristobal, who was explaining the situation to her.

In a statement on Monday, Jan. 11, Gordon expressed his belief that Jiale should be deported. He also said that Chinese nationals and other foreigners staying in the Philippines should respect the country’s rules and laws.

They should not flout our rules and they should also respect the officials who are implementing our laws,” Gordon said.

China, as our nearest neighbor in Asia, should advise its nationals about complying with the rules and laws of our country and respecting persons in authority here,” Gordon added.

Jiale currently faces chargesĀ for direct assault, disobedience to a person in authority, and unjust vexation. The National Capital Region Police Office has also recommended that she be considered as an ‘undesirable alien.

Meanwhile, Philippine National Police Chief Dir. Gen. Oscar Albayalde awarded Cristobal for his commendable actions.

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