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‘School Service’ paints the reality of a child-trafficking syndicate

(Photo courtesy: Cinemalaya)

The 14th season of Cinemalaya officially kicked off this week and luckily, the film of the Comedy Queen herself made in time to participate.

School Service, directed by Louie Ignacio, began with the character of a young girl named Maya who was taken against her will by a small time syndicate headed by the character of Nanay Rita, portrayed by Ai-ai delas Alas.

School Service

Together with her operating their small time business is her ill father, the driver of the School Service — Kiko (Kevin Sagra) who she developed hatred from the start, believing that the latter is extracting money from her older brother Robert, played by Joel Lamangan. The abducted kids, later on, accepted the sad reality of their everyday lives as beggars in the streets of Manila.

The movie deals with the reality of today’s society. It may or may not show the unsung struggles of the kids whom we always see loitering in the streets on a daily basis. However, despite her mean facade, delas Alas’ character, will give you a gist on her motherly-love towards the children she kidnapped and sells.

Other cast members include Therese Malvar, Joe Gruta, Felixia Dizon, Kevin Sagra, Kenken Nuyad, Ace Cafe, Sandino Oriquel, and Celine Juan.

Cinemalaya is set to run from August 3 to 12 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and select Ayala Cinemas.

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