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Robin Padilla fears that he will be summoned by Senate due to his tattoo

Robin Padilla's dragon tattoo (Photo Credits:
Robin Padilla’s dragon tattoo (Photo Credits:

Veteran action star Robin Padilla expressed concern that he might be summoned by the Senate for being an alleged member of a crime syndicate due to his dragon tattoo.

The known actor revealed his worries after finding out that a hold-departure order was issued against him by the Bureau of Immigration.

Based on an instagram post of Padilla last September 10, which featured the said tatoo, he was supposed to fly to China due to an invitation of the princess of Sulu.

However, he was stopped by the alleged order of the BI.

Padilla insisted that there are no cases filed against him, and fears that he was stopped due to his dragoon tattoo, which due to the recent hearings of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, is being connected to an Asian crime syndicate known as Triad.

The Muslim actor further reminded government agencies that he was already given an absolute pardon by President Rodrigo Duterte last November. Padilla also added that his taxes are seemingly wasted since he is always included amongst the ‘usual suspects.’

During the recent Senate hearing, Senator Antonio Trillanes IV insisted that having a dragon tattoo means that you are a member of the said Triad.


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