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Richard’s admission of fathering a child earns mixed reaction from Netizens

(photo courtesy of @sarahlahbati and @iloveruffag IG accounts)

On Sunday night was the premiere telecast of the Gutierrez family’s own reality series on cable channel and while everybody waited what mayhem their matriarch, Anabelle Rama will bring to the said show, viewers were surprised that the big reveal came from tv actor Richard Gutierrez.

The Kapuso actor and girlfriend Sarah Lahbati have been “avoiding” the media since last year when Lahbati decided to migrate abroad amid blossoming career.  There were speculations that she was carrying Richard’s baby but neither of them admitted to such accusation.

However, last night Richard finally revealed that they are indeed parents to a baby named Zion.

In just a few minutes after it was aired, the said revelation became a hot topic in social media.  Even Lahbati through her Instagram account posted a picture of two hands, assumingly of her and baby Zion with a caption “Extremely happy to announce the new member of our family, baby Zion”.

However, Richard’s admission left a bad taste to some critics since they used to deny the rumors before.  But when probed about their denial, the two stated that it wasn’t their intention to deny the baby, they just didn’t want a media circus because of it.

Richard even said that upon knowing about the good news, they were taken aback since they had to tell both their parents first.

Meanwhile, if the couple had bashers, there were also a lot of people, especially their fans and friends who congratulated them when they saw the episode. One netizen posted that just because they are celebrities doesn’t mean they can’t have privacy.

“It Takes Guts to be a Gutierrez” airs every Sunday on the E! Channel.

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