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‘Revise constitution if we switch to federal gov’ – Dean Aquino


Political analyst Fr. Ranhilio Aquino on Tuesday morning said there is a need for the national government to revise the consititution if the incoming Duterte Administrations wants to switch the form governance to federalism.


Aquino said in an interview over DZRH that he doubts if incoming President Rodrigo Duterte can switch the government structure to a federal state within six months.


Aquino, dean of the San Beda College (SBC) Graduate School of Law, said “if we must transition to a federal government, we will have to revise the Constitution.”


“You amend the constitution when you change one or the other section. You revise the Constitution when you change the structure of government, re-orient the constitutional culture or change ideology,” Aquino said.


The priest-educator said there are three ways of amending the Constitution: by the constituent powers of Congress, by a Constitutional Convention or by people’s initiative.


There are only two ways of revising it, according to Aquino. By Congress using its constituent powers or by a Constitutional convention convened by Congress.


“I do not want Congress revising the Constitution for two reasons: I do not want elected partisans writing their partisanship into the fundamental law of the land; second, it may be difficult for them to bring about the necessary revision, if this includes causing the demise of Congress as we know it,” Aquino said.


Aquino said he supports federalism because it erodes considerably the imperialism of Manila. It leaves each region to respond to the exigencies of circumstances in a more integral and comprehensive manner. (JCA)

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