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Returning OFWs in Kuwait are not part of government’s deployment ban

Photo by DZRH Sherwin Alfaro

Filipinos who are already residing in Kuwait and are just in the country for vacation and those with short-term non-working visas are not part of the government’s deployment ban in the said Middle Eastern country.

Following the Department of Labor and Employment’s “Balik Manggagawa” program, the Department of Justice clarified that only those that were recruit to work in Kuwait will be prohibited from leaving the country.  However, returning OFWs will be allowed to leave, but will have to go through the usual immigration departure formalities.

On Tuesday, 200 of these OFWs were able to leave the country but some 100 OFWs were left confused as they were barred from boarding their flights.

President Rodrigo Duterte made a stern warning and asked the country’s two commercial airlines to help in the repatriation of Filipinos, documented or undocumented, from Kuwait within 72 hours.

This order coincided with the total deployment ban of OFWs in Kuwait, following the death of a Filipina whose body was found inside a freezer of an abandoned apartment and some complaints of OFWs suffering from mental illness due to physical and psychological abuses by their employers.


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