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Rescuers failed to save woman from raging river

Typhoon Labuyo swept the most part of northern and central Luzon. (Photo by Interaksyon)

Rescuers are still clueless on the woman who was seen on top of the roof of her house which was swept off by the river in Isabela during the havoc brought by typhoon Labuyo.

In a footage taken during the typhoon, the woman was seen in panic while balancing herself on the roof of her house while being swept away by waters of the Cagayan River.

Rescuers failed to save the woman because of lack of rubber boat and rescue equipment, which were supposed to be used for the rescue operations.

In the latest report of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council, two individuals are still missing including the woman who was swept by the river. (Kisses Jabson)


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