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Public Attorney’s Office to represent Bulacan massacre victim


The Public Attorney’s Office will represent the bereaved father in the massacre in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

According to PAO, Dexter Carlos, the head of the family, whose wife, three kids and his mother in law were brutally killed in the said area, sought for their help.

PAO Chief Atty. Persida Rueda Acosta said that they will make sure that justice will be served on the death of Carlos’ loved ones.

Acosta is scheduled to visit the scene of the crime on Friday, and will meet with Carlos to discuss the case on one of the suspects who allegedly already admitted to the said crime.

Suspect Carmelino Ybanez was presented to media on Thursday, after admitting to raping and stabbing multiple times the five victims while under the influence of illegal drugs and alcohol.

Meanwhile, Central Luzon Police Director Chief Supt. Aaron Aquino said that their lone witness will play a key role in solving the brutal crime.  Aquino added that the witness saw Ybanez walking away from the victims’ home with bloodied shirt.

Aquino narrated that the witness was walking towards the house of the victims when Ybanez suddenly appeared at the gate of the said house with blood on his shirt.

Based on what the witness saw, Aquino said that the Ybanez left the house of the victims as if nothing happened.

While being interrogated, Ybanez’ mother and sibling begged for him to tell the truth.

In line with this, Ybanez had a breakdown and allegedly, admitted to what really happened.

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  1. Jun 01 17 – The Public Attorney’s Office is making their presence felt by the public in sensational cases but many ordinary cases are not well attended because those will not get them in the lime light. The COA must audit not the financial affair but the performance of PAO. The head of PAO, Atty. Persida Acosta was known to be a simple religious lady dedicated to serving the interest of the less fortunate but now her ambition for a higher position is now made known with political patronage. She was appointed as head of PAO by President Noynoy Aquino. She is now bashing VP Leni Robredo and Senator Leila de Lima while boosting President Duterte. She must perform her duty as public attorney without clinging to political power she as that will be tantamount to influencing their poor clients to join the Duterte bandwagon.

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