Prez Duterte weighs in on Sara vs Alvarez issue

FILE PHOTO – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte  Reuters/Ezra Acayan/Pool

President Rodrigo Duterte refuses to meddle with the current tension between his daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte and House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez.

The president during his visit to Sara, Iloilo said that the tension between inday Sara and Alvarez is a small thing.

President Duterte also denied speculations that allegedly, inday Sara is interested in replacing him in Malacanang.

The president said that his daughter has no plans of running for President because she is not really interested in politics. The only reason why she ran for mayor in Davao was because she wanted her father to run for the presidency.

The tension between the younger Duterte and the House speaker started after inday Sara decided to form a new political party.

Alvarez criticized the presidential daughter’s action which then prompted inday Sara to retaliate and once again re-opened the issue wherein Alvarez was quoted saying in public that he can impeach the president anytime.


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