Prez Duterte set to meet famed British reporter

(photo credit: DZRH Nicole Lopez)
(photo credit: DZRH Nicole Lopez)

A famous British reporter and author of the insightful book about the ‘drug cartel’ in Mexico has a scheduled courtesy call with President Rodrigo Duterte.

British journalist Ioan Grillo is set to meet the President in Malacanang this afternoon.

Grillo is the author of ‘Gangster Warlords’ which tackles stories on drug syndicates, brutal killings, and dirty politics which paved the way for illegal drugs to ballooned in Latin America.

President Duterte often mentions in his speeches how drug lords reign in both Mexico and Latin America.

According to Duterte, to further understand the concept of narco-politics, his critics should read Grillo’s ‘Gangster Warlords.’

Prior to this, the president admitted that it was a mistake to say that he can fix the illegal drug problem in the Philippines within three to six months.

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