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Prez Duterte pledges to step down if federal gov’t is implemented

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President Rodrigo Duterte has vowed to step down as president soon as a federal form of government is established in the country.

The President made the announcement during his visit at the wake of former Cebu Archbishop Ricardo Cardinal Vidal in Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral. 

The President reiterated that he is prepared to end his term before 2022 just to ensure a successful transition from the current unitary system to a federal form of government. 

According to the Commander-in-Chief, a federal government will eliminate the current concentration of power in Metro Manila and will promote the distribution of power and resources in different regions of the country. 

“I give you my word, this, in a house of God. We can’t lie here. If we can perfect the Constitution, I’ll personally see that it is really implemented and placed well,” President Duterte said.

The President also shared that he no longer wishes to run for any political position after his term in 2022 as he already served as the mayor of Davao City for 23 years.

He added that the only reason he ran as President was due to the fact that he wanted to save the country in turmoil.

“It’s because of trying to save the country from turmoil and bloodshed. That is my only concern. I’m already done with politics,” the President affirmed.

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