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Prez Duterte fires back at his critics anew


President Rodrigo Duterte immediately fired back against those who create rumors on why he was out of the limelight in recent days.

During his speech at the office of the Presidential Security Group in Malacanang, President Duterte said that he has been following the news regarding those who question why he was not being seen in public in recent days.

The President said that one of the reasons why he was “missing in action” because he got upset with the many military troops who died in the on-going clash against the Maute and ISIS groups in Marawi.

However, Duterte insisted he just shrugged off these rumors about his health.

He also took it as a joke that statement of Atty. Elly Velez Pamatong that allegedly, he will be replacing Duterte in the presidency.

Meanwhile, Senator Gringo Honasan disagrees with the Department of National Defense and the Armed Forces of the Philippines to give a deadline on when the crisis in Marawi will end.

Honasan, chairman on the Senate Committee on National Defense and Security, said that it will not be practical to give a deadline on when the Marawi siege should end.

The veteran senator added that it would be difficult to put an expiry date on rebellion, especially when the government already considers the Maute group as a terrorist group.

This was the senator’s reaction amid the statement of the DND and AFP that the Marawi siege will end before the second state of the nation address of President Duterte.

Senator Gringo mentioned that it would take time to put an end on the crisis because the Maute group has no clear physical boundaries or front lines.

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