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Prez Digong’s meeting with Japanese Emperor Akihito cancelled

Japanese Prince Mikasa waves to well-wishers during a public appearance for a New Year celebration at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan, in this photo taken by Kyodo, January 2, 2015. Kyodo/via REUTERS/Files
Japanese Prince Mikasa  Kyodo/via REUTERS/Files

The supposed courtesy call of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte with Japanese Emperor Akihito has been cancelled.

A relative of the Emperor- the 100 year old Prince Mikasa has passed away on Thursday.

According to the President, his protocol adviser told him that he should postpone his meeting with the Emperor as the Imperial family is currently in mourning.

President Duterte sent his condolences to Emperor Akihito on the death of his uncle.

Prior to this, a lot of the critics of the President were worried that he may be violating some of the protocols in meeting with the Emperor, especially his habit of chewing gum, wearing of jeans with his Barong, his fondness of no-socks, and his constant spewing of curse words.

Japanese take high regard of their Emperor and he is the most important and well respected person in their culture.

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