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President Duterte to appoint new BoC officials

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The Senate of the Philippines already waived its decision to re-shuffle the officials of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) to President Rodrigo Duterte.

According to Senator Richard Gordon, Chairman of the blue ribbon committee, even with the ongoing investigation of Congress against several officials of the BoC, it has been made clear that there is an epidemic spread of corruption, recklessness, and incompetence within the department to serve as enough reason to re-shuffle its officials.

According to the Senate, the president says he will answer to their plea after the smuggling of the 605 kilograms of shabu slipped into Philippine sovereignty which was a big slap against the administrations war on illegal drugs and criminality.

Senator Gordon also expressed his disappointment due to the absence of immediate jurisdiction against the personalities involved in the 605 kilogram shabu smuggling which was busted three months ago.

A revamp along with the resignation of some members of the BoC is in order.


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