Pope Francis pays tribute to today’s Martyrs

Pope Francis talks to reporters aboard the papal flight on his way back to the Vatican from Jerusalem
Pope Francis’ message for Holy Week 2015 celebration  in commemoration of today’s martyrs., (Photo Andrew Medichini/Pool)

Pope Francis led the commemoration of the Palm Sunday over the weekend.

In his Homily in Saint Peter’s square in Vatican, the Pope offered prayers for the slain martyrs who fought their faith, like victims of the Islamic State Militants.

Thousands of people, including a 78-year old Argentine Pope and priests brought palms to remember the meetings of people in Jerusalem before Jesus Christ was nailed on the cross.

The Holy Father expressed, like Christ, countless of people have sacrificed and offered their lives to fight for their faith.

Pope Francis cited those killed by the Islamic State Militants, including the 21 Christians from Egypt.  

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