Politicians allegedly using partylist system to extend their reign in govt

Commission on Elections (COMELEC)

There are some prominent politicians who are using the good intention of the partylist system in the country to extend their family’s hold in government

In an exclusive interview with DZRH, University of the Philippines Prof. Danilo Arao said that some well-off political dynasties are using and abusing the partylist system which is intended to represent the poor sector in society, to their advantage.

According to Prof. Arao, because of what he refers to as “fake” partylist groups, they are now reviving the campaign against the abuse of the partylist system.

Arao, a member of the group “Kontra-Daya” said that their group is dishearten with the continuous abuse of some political dynasties on the partylist system which allegedly, is a clear violation of the Constitution.

More than 186 partylist groups have submitted their certificates of candidacy in the Commission on Elections for the 2019 midterm elections, some of these are allegedly “bogus” being headed by politicians whose terms are ending next year.

Under the partylist system, a total of three nominees may have a seat in Congress if they will be able to obtain the needed number of votes.

Just like a district congressman, a partylist representative will also accept Php70 million pork barrel funds, salaries, allowances and other perks.

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