Police kills suspect in death of 17-year old girl

Photo by DZRH Noche Cacas

Police killed Jed Ayson, the suspect in the killing of a 17-year old girl, during a drug buy-bust operation on Sunday, April 14, in Balut, Tondo.

Ayson was recently seen in a closed circuit television video shooting Ronaly Hamon at an eatery in Tondo on April 7. The suspect mistook the victim to be a drug customer who did not pay.

Authorities located the permanent housing where Ayson lived in Balut due to information from a resident of a nearby barangay.

Lt. Col. Reynaldo Magaluyo, chief of the Raxabago police station, said that police still bought illegal drugs from Ayson. However, when they tried to arrest him, the suspect fired his gun causing the operatives to retaliate.

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