Police arrests suspect in murder of Judge in Camarines Sur


The suspect in the killing of Judge Ricky Begino, 49, in his house in Presentacion, Camarines Sur in the afternoon of June 12 is now under police custody.

Wilfredo Armea, a 72-year relative of Begino, willingly surrendered to the police, who came to his house in Brgy. Sta Maria, Presentacion at 9:00AM on June 13.

Armea confessed to going to the house Begino, at 5:ooPM, and shooting the judge as soon as he opened the door due to the victim’s manipulation on a land dispute between their families.

Begino, the presiding judge of the municipal trial courts in San Jose, Lagonoy, and Presentacion, was declared dead-on-arrival at the hospital after being shot in the neck and other parts of his body.


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