POEA allows partial deployment to Libya


The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has allowed the partial deployment of Filipino workers to war-torn Libya.

POEA chief Hans Cacdac yesterday said the agency’s governing board issued last Friday a resolution allowing the deployment of certain categories of OFWs to Libya.

Cacdac said the POEA board issued the resolution upon the recommendation of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to exempt certain skills from the deployment ban.

Under the resolution, the POEA will process and deploy Filipino workers employed by diplomats, foreign embassies, missions and international organizations in Libya.

Cacdac said OFWs working in oil rig platforms offshore are also allowed to leave the country provided that they will not pass through or spend their vacation in mainland Libya.

“Those working for multinational companies, government hospitals and schools as well as for the Libyan National Oil Company, and Filipinos who are married to Libyan nationals are free to go to Libya,” he said.

Due to escalating civil unrest, the DFA raised security alert level 3 while the POEA issued a total deployment ban to Libya last month.

Cacdac said those who are allowed to work in Libya will be required to present a letter from their employers guaranteeing their safety, security and repatriation in case the situation in Libya worsens.

They will also submit their employers’ contingency plan for evacuation and certification of readiness to shoulder the repatriation of the workers.

Cacdac added that the POEA shall closely coordinate with the DFA for updates on the political and security situation in Libya.

Identification of dangerous areas or “no-go zones” may also be done, he said.

Cacdac stressed that exemption may be withdrawn based on an imposition of alert level 4 or reimposition of a total deployment ban under alert level 3 as recommended by the DFA. via The Philippine Star


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