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PNP strengthens firepower with guns from China

Photo Credits: REUTERS/Czar Dancel
Photo Credits: REUTERS/Czar Dancel

Philippine National Police Chief Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa strongly believes that the 23,000 new M4 rifles will strengthen the firepower of police stations in secluded areas.

According to Dela Rosa, the PNP prioritizes strengthening the fighting capability of police in areas with precarious peace and order situation, like Mindanao.

The guns from China will be given to police station with high threats of New People’s Army, Abu Sayyaf, and other groups.

Dela Rosa insists that members of the NPA frequently assault police stations in remote regions of the Philippines due to the lack of powerful firearms.

Previously, congressmen of the United States of America prevented the Philippines from buying 27,000 M-4 rifles.

This is caused by USA’s stand on the issue of drug war in the Philippines.

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