PNP to receive salary increase by January 15

Philippine National Police (FILE PHOTO)

The police will be receiving their promised salary hike this coming January 15.

This was confirmed by the hierarchy of the Directorate for Comptrollership of the Philippine National Police.

Every PNP personnel will have different levels of increase in their pay based on their ranks.

According C/Supt. Joselito Vera Cruz, Executive officer of the DC-PNP, police officer 1 will be receiving the largest pay hike since their salary will be increased by 100%, while Senior Police Officers 4 will have the lowest increase, which is only 29%.

From the previous Php 14,834 basic pay of a Police Officer 1, it will now be Php 29, 668, and the previous Php 16, 934 basic pay of a Police Officer 2, will increase to Php 30, 867.

A police general or a chief superintendent, which is previously paid Php 47,002, will now receive Php 76,989, while the police director general, the highest ranking official in the PNP, will be having a Php 121, 143 salary from the previous Php 67,500.

This will just be the initial increase in the basic pay of PNP personnel, and it is expected to be followed next year.

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