PNP on-guard of remaining vacant NHA housing units in Bulacan

Photo credit: DZRH Edwin Duque
Photo credit: DZRH Edwin Duque

The Philippine National Police is closely guarding the remaining vacant government housing units, intended for the police and military, so that they won’t be further occupied by the group Kadamay.

According to Police Supt. Dionardo Carlos of the PNP-PIO, it is the responsibility of the local police to safeguard the housing units in Pandi, Bulacan.

Prior to this, there was also an attempt from the Kadamay group to occupy some units in Rizal, but the police were able to stop them.

Carlos said that the NHA is ready to investigate the Kadamay group, on whoever is behind in convincing them to occupy the vacant government housing units.

The official insisted that Kadamay should follow the process in acquiring free house.

Even the police and military follow the process, which is why a lot of houses remain unoccupied because they have yet to complete their documents for the turnover of their houses.

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