PNP Chief Bato’s warning: Drugs and gambling interconnected

File photo
File photo

Philippine National Police Chief Dir. Gen. Ronald ‘Bato’ Dela Rosa warned his men who continuously receive ‘padulas’ money from illegal gambling, that their days are numbered.

During his speech at La Trinidad, Beguet, Dela Rosa insisted that the illegal drugs and illegal gambling syndicates are interconnected.

If a cop receives money from illegal gambling, more often than not, the money from illegal gambling mixes with the money from illegal drug trade.

PNP Chief Bato insisted that the reason why the lives of some cops get ruined is because they allow themselves to receive money from illegal gambling syndicates, when they are just the same as the ones doing the illegal drugs activities.

Chief Bato once again reminded the men in uniform to do not be involved not just in illegal drugs but in any illegal activity, including gambling.

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