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PHL-Vietnam reaches maritime agreement


Philippine President Benigno Aquino III and Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan have reached an agreement to further intensify the maritime cooperation and a roadmap strategic partnership in keeping peace and strength at the South East Asian Region.

In a joint press statement at Malacanang, President Aquino said that the said agreement aims to strengthen the exchange of information in regards with taking care of the marine resources at the West Philippine Sea and rescue operations of the Vietnam and the Philippine Coast guard.

The President also ordered putting up a hotline between the two countries in order to protect the marine life and resources over at the contested territory.

PNOY admitted that the challenge ahead for both countries is grave therefore they should continue with their cooperation and push for strategies in providing protection on each of their territories.

In the field of business, Vietnam is the 18th trading partner of the country with a total of 1.32 billion US dollars in investment in 2013.  The said value is expected to increase by 3 billion US dollars in 2016.

Meanwhile, the two heads of states also reached an agreement to strengthen both countries’ Tourism collaboration.

Prime Minister Nguyen supports the stronger maritime and defense cooperation, Tourism and Investment collaboration between the two countries.

PM Nguyen is encouraging China to stop violating international laws by claiming territories at the West Philippine Sea.

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