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PHL bet in Ms Universe emerges as early favorite to bring home crown

mj lastimosa

88 candidates for the Ms Universe beauty pageant have shown their grace and beauty during the preliminary competition.

Mary Jean Lastimosa wowed the crowd and judges early on.

The Filipina beauty earned the loudest cheers as Filipinos trooped to Florida to show their support.

During the preliminary competition, the beauty queens strutted the stage in their evening gowns and swimsuits.

Lastimosa wore a white gown for the Evening gown competition.

The gown was made by Colombian fashion designer Alfredo Barraza.

Lastimosa wore a pink bikini and walked the stage in her “fierce” catwalk.

The performances in the preliminary competition will be used as basis in choosing the Top 15.

Lastimosa is part of the latest trailer for the Miss Universe, including Miss Guam, Ivory Coast, Brazil, Finland, and Israel.

Based on those who’ve seen the trailer, the Philippines’ bet is hot, confident and beautiful.

The grand coronation for the Miss Universe is on January 26 at Doral, Miami, Florida, USA.

Meanwhile, the charges were dropped against the Muslim fans of B1A4 who were accused of un-Muslim like behavior during the said fan meet.

According to Ahmad Syaberi, Minister of Communications, instead of penalizing the young girls, they should give them counseling.

The charges stemmed from a controversial part of the fanmeet wherein the members of the South Korean boy group B1A4 chose some fans from the audience to re-enact a popular scene from the drama “The Heirs”.

The said scene involved the girls being hugged and kissed in the foreheads by the guys.  It wouldn’t have been a big deal, however, the boys kissed the girls in their foreheads which were covered in Hijab, considered a sacred piece of cloth in their religion.    (with DZRH Rita B. Salonga)

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