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Pentagon’s E’Dawn writes heartfelt letter to fans

Pentagon’s E’Dawn (photo credit: Hyojong.p IG account)

South Korean pop idol E’Dawn from the group Pentagon, wrote a heartfelt letter to his fans recently.

E’Dawn is currently on hiatus from all his group activities following the admission of his two-year relationship with co-label mate Hyuna.

In his letter, he apologized to his fans for not explaining sooner and for doing it in writing instead of personally meeting up with them.

He also mentioned that his past decisions have always been conferred with his group, but because this was something personal, it was his choice to come out clean, instead of “living a lie.”

E’Dawn skipped the group’s official fan meet which disappointed a lot of their fans.

He is also apologetic that he was not able to fulfill his promise to his fans to promote their latest album.

In the end, E’Dawn said that he is not sure what the future will be for him, but he wants those who love him to be healthy and “hope that good things will happen to you all in the future.”

In August, Cube Entertainment released a statement that E’Dawn together with fellow member Yan An will be taking a temporary hiatus from their group.

Hyuna meanwhile, has also halted all her promotions and appearances.



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