Passengers stranded in ports due to “Maring”

Tropical Dperession "Maring" (Photo credit:
Tropical Dperession “Maring”
(Photo credit:

Hundreds of passengers are currently stranded in ports of Luzon and the Visayas due to the effects of Tropical Depression Maring.

On Tuesday, the Philippine Coast Guard suspended the sailing of ships due to Public Storm Warning Signal No.1 that is raised in Metro Manila and other provinces in Luzon.

Due to the cancellation of travels, passengers are still in queue at the Cebu City Pier 1.

Meanwhile, in the Bicol Region, more than 200 passengers, 46 rolling cargoes, and 16 vessels are stranded in ports.

Many are also stranded in Batangas Pier since the operations of ships and the inter-island ferry are not allowed due to the storm.

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