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Palace expects Binay’s outburst against Aquino administration

Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte

Malacanang already expects that Vice President Jejomar Binay will criticize the Aquino administration while the 2016 national elections is fast approaching.

Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Usec. Abigail Valte said that the administration is ready to face all the criticism Binay will throw at them, especially now that the Vice President is no longer part of the Aquino Cabinet.

Valte said that the administration is aware of the negative comments coming from Binay’s allies.

They don’t know what the motive and plan of Binay is for resorting to such tactic.

“Well, on the part of the opposition because their initial salvo has started, I don’t know what their plans are, I don’t know what their motivations are, but, you know, most people expect the same trend to continue.”

Prior to this, VP Binay called the Aquino administration as a failure and numb after being quiet for five years because he was part of it.

Meanwhile, Malacanang belittled the slight improvement in Binay’s numbers in the latest survey result.

Vice President Binay got a positive 42 percent from its previous 31 percent in the approval ratings of the SWS survey.

Valte mentioned that the said result has no effect on who will be the administration’s standard bearer in the coming elections.

The Palace isn’t bothered with Binay’s increasing satisfactory ratings, compare to the presumptive presidential bet of the administration, DILG Sec. Mar Roxas.

Valte said that a lot has changed since the survey was conducted till the time that Binay resigned from his posts in the Cabinet.

The Palace leaves it up to political analysts to determine the positive effects of the Binay’s resignation on the next survey.

“Not at all. We… If you look at the dates that the SWS survey was taken, you would see that the significant event here for this week has not happened yet.

So we don’t know. We will leave it to the political analysts to determine what effect it will have on his ratings for the third quarter either as a Vice President or as a presidential candidate for 2016. We’ll leave it to them.”

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