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Palace defends BIR’s Henares

BIR Commissioner Kim Henares SENATE PHOTO

Malacanang came to Bureau of Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim Henares’ side after the latter stated that the agency is still running after Pacquiao’s unpaid taxes.

According to Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte, Henares is just doing her job and that she’s reminding Pacquiao of his obligations to pay the right taxes to the government.

Valte insisted that Commissioner Henares is not disrespecting Pacquiao amid his recent victory.

“Commissioner Kim Henares ang focus po talaga niya is to collect taxes.  She’s very focus on her job and on her mandate, I don’t quite think she’s very offensive, she’s just doing her job. We don’t quite think that Commissioner Henares intends to be anyways disrespectful or that her manner anyway tends to lessen the honor that Pacquiao has brought to the country, “ stated Valte.

Prior to this, Henares already advised Pacquiao to prepare the documents proving that he already paid his taxes in the US for his 20 Million dollars purse money with his fight against Bradley.

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