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Senate grants former Customs Chief Faeldon freedom

Sen. Richard Gordon signs release papers for Faeldon (Photo by DZRH Milky Rigonan)

The Senate has ordered the release of former Customs Commissioner and incumbent Office of the Civil Defense Deputy Administrator Nicanor Faeldon after being detained since 2017.

Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Chairperson Sen. Richard Gordon signed the release papers of Faeldon after the latter promised to answer all the Senators’ queries and refrain from “back talking” against them.

Faeldon was detained for six months after being cited in contempt in Sept., 2017 for refusing to assist in the Senate’s probe on the alleged corruption within the Bureau of Customs.


The release of the former Customs commissioner was greeted with applause from some attendees of the hearing but was immediately stopped by Gordon.

The senator insisted that there is no need to applaud the release of a person ‘whose actions might not have been in accordance with the proper respect due the Senate’.

Last January, Faeldon was transferred to the Pasay City Jail following his attendance in a Senate hearing and getting into a verbal tussle with Gordon.

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