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Netizens irked with alleged rude treatment of Filipino fans to Korean star Nam Joo Hyuk

(photo credit: @daraxxi)

Korean star Nam Joo Hyuk was in the country over the weekend for a fan meet sponsored by a local clothing brand.

The star of “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” was with 2NE1’s Dara Park for the said fan meet. However, some netizens were outraged after seeing pictures and videos of Nam Joo Hyuk allegedly being harassed by some rowdy fans.

Based on videos posted online, the Korean actor was visibly uncomfortable during a photo op session with some lucky fans as some girls tried to grope him, and hug him and even pulling his arms.

Even with the event host’s reminder to respect the personal space of the actor, still fans couldn’t help but pinch or pull him to their direction; even to the point of shoving Dara off the center stage.

Both artists seemed distressed but still continued accommodating their fans.

Fans of the actor took to social media to air their disappointment over the said incident.  They quipped that fans should have known their limit, and that they shouldn’t be treating their idols like that.

This isn’t the first time that Joo Hyuk visited the Philippines.  He was here last year for his “Private Stage” tour. Dara, a certified Filipino at heart will always consider the Philippines her home.




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