NAIA no longer included in world’s worst airport


The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is no longer included in the list of “world’s worst airports.”

After being withdrawn from the list, NAIA has expressed its readiness on emergency situations including an airplane crash in the runway.

The management conducted a crash and rescue exercise early Thursday morning at the NAIA Airdrome to further prepare and train their personnel regarding the quick response and rescue of survivors in an event of a plane crash.

Elements of the Fire and Rescue Unit of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), the Aviation Police, several advanced state of the art fire trucks, and some voluntary medical workers were all present in the exercise.

The dry run was administered in compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Department of Transportation Secretary Art Tugade personally assessed the drilling exercise and gave his initial comments on the responsiveness and preparedness of  those who participated in the dry run.

The latest survey released by travel website “The Guide to Sleeping in Airports” no longer included NAIA in its top 20 worst airports in the world and in the top 5 worst airports in Asia for 2017.

According to MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal, despite the improvements, there is still much to be done for the airport.

“The bigger challenge is to maintain or even surpass our achievement,” Monreal said.

Meanwhile, four Philippine airports have joined the top 25 best airports in Asia for 2017:

  • Iloilo International Airport
  • Mactan-Cebu International Airport
  • Clark International Airport
  • Davao International Airport.

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