MWSS: Water level in dam still normal

La Mesa Dam and Reservoir
La Mesa Dam and Reservoir

Metropolitan Waterworks Sewerage System (MWSS) abolished the worries of residents in Metro Manila and nearby provinces of possible water shortage.

Management of the MWSS announced that the water level in La Mesa Dam remains normal.

MWSS Administrator Reynaldo Velasco, said that the announcement was made due to report on Thursday that the water level in La Mesa dam is in critical level.

Velasco assured the public that the water level in the dam remains in normal level, there is no reason to worry about the supply.

Velasco added that rains in the afternoon and night could help in increasing the water level in the dam.

Prior to this, the code red alert was place at the La Mesa Dam due to alleged decrease of water supply.

The management of the La Mesa dam is appealing to residents of Metro Manila and its nearby provinces to conserve water especially during this summer season.

Based on reports, the water level in the dam fell to 78.4 meters from its normal 79.3 meters.



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