Moreno sacks Manila precinct chief after stepping into human waste during shrine inspection

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno leads inspection around Andres Bonifacio Shrine at Lawton, near the Manila City Hall, only to find loads of human feces in the area. (Photo courtesy: Manila Public Information Office)

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno ordered on Wednesday, July 10 the sacking of Police Lt. Rowel Robles, the chief of Lawton police community precinct (PCP) after he stepped into an alleged human feces during his inspection around Andres Bonifacio Shrine.

Moreno led the inspection around the Bonifacio Monument, a shrine near the Manila City Hall that is dedicated to revolutionary hero Andres Bonifacio. In a video posted, the Manila mayor said he stepped on human waste during the inspection.

“I still smell like feces after that. Manila is full of s**t. The Katipunan’s Kartilya became the biggest toilet of the nation. Old s**t, new s**t, spoiled s**t, it’s all there. It’s a bad word to some, but it’s real,” he said in an interview with the reporters.

While joking about his lucky day after stepping on some human waste, Moreno then recommended the removal of Robles from the position after allowing the public to use Bonifacio’s shrine as a toilet. He also ordered Manila City Hall employees to remove the shanties that were illegally built around the Bonifacio Monument.

The Manila mayor also instructed all campaign materials, including his, to be removed from the trees in the park.

“The police is responsible for enforcing city ordinances. It is prohibited to defecate on the streets. The Lawton police should be accountable,” he said.

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