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More than 10 CIIF – OMG officials resign in protest of new president

The Coconut Industry Investment Fund – Oil Mills Group

More than 10 officials of the Coconut Industry Investment Fund – Oil Mills Group (CIIF-OMG) have filed their resignation due to the upcoming change in leadership.

These CIIF – OMG personnel include incumbent president Benedicto Lor, all of the vice presidents, five directors, two plant managers, and several key officers.

Along with the mass resignation, 170 CIIF-OMG employees also signed an expression of support.

The mass resignation is a show of protest against the decision of Malacanang to nominate Rehan Lao as the new president and Chief Executive Officer of CIIF – OMG.

The CIIF – OMG official question the standing of Lao as a lawyer since he never passed the bar exam.

Lao is also allegedly facing administrative charges in the Office of the Ombudsman for failing to file the required Statement of Assets, Liablities, and Net worth.

The mass resignation of CIIF – OMG officials is still not yet final as Malacanang still needs to decide whether to approve it or not.

The mass resignation is expected to affect coconut oil export and numerous farmers in the Philippines.

Furthermore, starting July 14, three CIIF – OMG oil mills in Iligan, Albay and Batangas will no longer be operational.

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