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Montano spoofs own viral video

Actor Cesar Montano (photo credit: Arnold Clavio’s Instagram account)

Instead of getting irk or putting an end to the controversy, actor Cesar Montano spoofed his own viral video.

In a birthday greeting to news anchorman Arnold Clavio, Montano with the same camera angle sent his birthday greetings with an end note apologizing that his background is empty.

Montano was caught in controversy a few weeks ago after he posted a video greeting to a local official not knowing that what seemed to be a naked lady appeared in the background.

Netizens were quick to notice the still unidentified woman and since then have made several memes “inspired” by Montano’s post.

In a newspaper interview with columnist Dolly Anne Carvajal, Montano said that since the video has gone viral, he has been receiving video shoutouts and greetings from different people, but he has to refuse all of them because he is aware that they will not focus on his greeting but on the background instead.

Kidding aside, Montano seemed to be ok with how the netizens reacted to his unintentional boohoo.

However, the actor refused to name the female involved in the said video.  Montano also did not clarify whether or not the woman was really naked.

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