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Mommy D reacts to “hexing” issue against Bradley

Mommy D

Last Sunday’s fight between Bradley and Pacquiao created quite a buzz in social media, not only because of Pacman’s reclaiming his WBO Welterweight title, but because of a certain clip involving his mother, Mommy Dionisia.

During the fight, the cameraman panned on Mommy D while she was watching the match. She was caught pointing at the ring while holding a piece of paper and a rosary and mouthing something.

According to Mommy D, she wasn’t doing a spell against former Champion Timothy Bradley.

She was saying the rosary and praying that nothing bad will happen to her son while inside the ring.

Mommy D also prayed that Bradley will be knocked out by her son.  Pacquiao’s mom is a devoted catholic and believes in the power of prayer.

However, the video clip became viral and netizens even created memes out of it.  Because of that video, Mommy D now has a new moniker, “Pambansang Daliri”, as her son is considered as the “Pambansang Kamao”.

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