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MNLF confirms Malik’s death

MNLF Commander Ustad Habier Malik

The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) confirmed the death of its top commander and most trusted right hand of chairman Nur Misuari, Habier Malik, due to bullet wounds during the final stage of the standoff with the military last September 2013.

MNLF spokesman Absalom Cerveza confirmed Malik’s death, saying he yielded from bullet wounds at his arm pit and leg in the group’s hide out in a forested area somewhere in Jolo, Sulu three weeks ago.

“Commander Malik died recently due to wounds at his arm pit and leg he sustained from the skirmishes while fighting with lawmen in Zamboanga City,” Cerveza said.

Cerveza said Malik was able to survive the 22-day standoff with military and was able to escape the area but due to diabetes, his wounds did not heal.

Weeks since the standoff erupted, there were reports stating that Malik was already dead, but Cerveza denied all these because the MNLF top commander escaped.

The MNLF spokesman said he doesn’t know when Malik died and where he was buried.

“What I know is that he was buried somewhere in the jungles in Jolo, three weeks ago,” Cerveza said.

Malik is the leader of the Misuari faction that barged in the Zamboanga City Hall last September 9, 2013 and had a standoff with government troops while spreading in different areas. They even used civilians as they hostages and shield.

At least 200 people died, including 20 civilians during the standoff.

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