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Military takes over rebel camp in Patikul, Sulu

Soldiers patrol a village near Datu Piang
town in Maguindanao in a clearing operation against
the militants opposed to the government’s peace
deal with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front. (file photo)

The camp that the rebel Abu Sayyaf group uses in Patikul, Sulu is now controlled by the military.

According to the report of the Western Mindanao Command, the troops of the 2nd Marine Brigade were able to enter the main camp of the ASG in Patikul, Sulu around three in the afternoon yesterday.

The two groups engaged in another gun fight where two soldiers got injured.

Based on the report of Bgen. Martin Pinto, the Commander of the 2nd Marine Brigade, their troops was able to penetrate the main camp of the ASG in the mountainous part of Patikul, Sulu.

There was an intense exchange of fires between the soldiers and the ASG.

It is possible that there were casualties from the escaped bandits.  They abandoned their camp.

Pino said that the camp left by the ASG is sturdy and have connecting trenches and its firing positions are in good shape.  The area can be planted with improvised explosives.

However, the soldiers were able to avoid the bombs as they enter the ASG camp.

The military continues with its mission to run after the bandits.

The police failed to rescue the kidnapped victim that the ASG took with them as they escape MBC

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