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Measles outbreak to last til summer

Health Secretary Enrique Ona

The Measles outbreak in the Philippines is expected to last until the summer.

According to Department of Health Secretary Enrique Ona, even with the massive campaign of vaccination of 12 Million youth, they will not be able to control the said disease from spreading.

Ona stated that based on their studies, the peak season of Measles is during summer time, where virus easily develops.

In line with this, City health officials of Metro Manila had a meeting to start with their campaign of facilitating free vaccinations to children.

On the latest tally of the DOH, 1,724 have been confirmed having acquired the said virus, 744 of which are from Metro Manila.

The World Health Organization is monitoring the situation of the Measles outbreak after some dancers from New Zealand and Australia were infected by an alleged carrier of the virus.

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