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MBC issues statement after Aksyon Radyo Iloilo incident

Members of the Special Weapons and Tactics team forcefully barged inside a station of Aksyon Radyo in Iloilo and asked employees, including a woman, to strip off their clothes for frisking.

The Manila Broadcasting Company on Tuesday issued a statement after eight members of the Special Weapons and Tactics operatives forcefully entered MBC’s provincial station, DYOK – AM Aksyon Radyo, Iloilo on Sunday before dawn, which saw the SWAT team chasing several injured youth seeking refuge in the station but later left.

The incident was caught by the station’s CCTV.

Here’s the footage of the incident:

Manila Broadcasting Company’s Official Statement:

“Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC) condemns in the strongest of terms the unprovoked and illegal raid on its DYOK – AM Aksyon Radyo, Iloilo station and the physical manhandling of its station personnel by eight members of the Special Weapons and Tactics operatives last August 25, 2013,” said MBC President Ruperto S. Nicdao Jr.

“MBC considers the forcible stoppage of its news and public affairs programs, coupled with the illegal search of the station premises, the stripping of clothes, body search, and manhandling of DYOK’s anchors, writers, reporters, technical personnel and security guards, all at gunpoint and with use of excessive force, not only a criminal violation of its rights and of its station personnel, an abuse of authority, but more so as an attack on MBC’s and its personnel’s constitutionally guaranteed freedom of the press by the raiding SWAT operatives,” he added.

Last Sunday, at around 2 a.m., the SWAT team forced themselves inside the Aksyon Radyo premises, pointing their guns at the employees and security guard and asked them to strip their clothes for frisking.

Not contended, one of the SWAT members kicked and manhandled the security guard.

“An instituion that strongly advocates the protection of Constitutional rights, Manila Broadcasting will pursue all possible legal actions to obtain justice and the conviction of those involved,” Nicdao said.

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