Mayor Isko Moreno orders closure of Isetann Recto in Manila

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno has ordered the shut down of one of the oldest shopping malls in Manila, Isetann Recto | FILE PHOTO

Mayor Isko Moreno on Wednesday ordered the closure of Isetann Mall along Recto Avenue following its multiple violations on the city’s ordinances and misrepresenting applications for permits.

The closure order was served by the Manila Mayor himself, noting that the oldest shopping malls in the capital was closed due to “misrepresentation of actual business area” and “questionable number of employees.”

According to a memorandum from the city’s Bureau of Permits, Isetann Recto was registered under Tri-Union Properties, which has been leasing multiple stalls and spaces “without the necessary business permit for the said activity.”

Isetann’s 4 movie theaters are managed by Cineworld Cinerama Inc, which holds a permit for only one cinema, the memorandum stated. It added that the property management functions and services for Isetann Cinerama Complex are performed by Trans-Orient Management Services Inc that “does not have a valid and existing business permit.”

In a statement, Moreno said that Isetann mall may reopen once its management is able to comply with the requirements of the local government.

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