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Marcos seeks for the Supreme Court to disregard Robredo’s counter-protest


Former Senator Bongbong Marcos is asking the Supreme Court to junk the counter-protest of Vice President Leni Robredo.

Based on the Omnibus motion of Marcos’ camp to the Supreme Court, the former Senator said that the highest court should junk Robredo’s protest because the Vice President was not able to pay the protest fee on the given date.

According to Atty. George Garcia, legal counsel of the former senator, it is stated on rule 34 of the 2010 Rules of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, that a protest should be disregarded once the complainant fails to pay on the set date.

The Vice President failed to pay her Php8 million from the total of Php15.44 million being asked by the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.

Meanwhile, Marcos already paid his first installment of Php36.02 million.

The Supreme Court has asked Marcos to pay Php66 million while Robredo was asked to pay Php15 million to start the election protest.

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