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Manila traffic enforcers to wear ‘body camera’

Another members of the Philippine National Police has been complained for extortion including its Chief. (Screen grabbed from internet)
Screen grabbed from internet)

Manila traffic enforcers will soon start wearing body camera to avoid being involved in corruption practices.

Members of the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau while on duty will be provided with their own body cameras.

Based on the statement issued by the local government of Manila, the body camera will help in alleviating corruption among MTPB enforcers, which include extortion and under-the-table deals.

Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada explained that by recording every move of the traffic enforcer especially their interaction with motorists, they can use the video footage as evidence just in case the need arises.

Mayor Erap added that this will also protect traffic enforcers from being targeted by motorists.

Each body camera will amount to Php8,500-12,000.

Estrada axed more than 690 MTPB enforcers last November 28 after receiving multiple complaints from motorists.

There are at least 92 enforcers currently training under the Manila Police District who will be replacing the vacated posts of MTPB.

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