Manhunt launched vs MPD station 9 fugitive


The Manila Police District has launched a manhunt operation against a drug suspect who was able to escape from their custody.

According to MPD Director Chief Supt. Rolando Anduyan, he already ordered a manhunt operation against Armand Arroyo, charged for violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act.

Anduyan confirmed that they already arrested the inmate’s mother, Ma. Teresa Arroyo because they suspect that she helped her son escaped from the bathroom of the Ospital ng Maynila.

Based on reports, the suspect around 3am complained of suffering from chest pains and dizziness, he was immediately brought to the hospital where his mother also arrived.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Arroyo is currently detained at MPD station 9 while waiting for necessary charges to be filed against her.

Anduyan said that they already filed charges of violating the revised Penal Code of Infidelity of Public Officers, the two police escorts of Arroyo, PO1 Rolly Mendano and PO1 Kelvin Ramirez.

The two police were also sacked from their posts, including Chief Insp. Romeo Salvador, Deputy Station Commander on duty when the escape happened.

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